The X Collar

US Patent #8914918

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It is said that "Necessity is the mother of all inventions". As a little league coach and parent of a youth athlete who was injured by a horse collar tackle, it put the wheels in motion. We set out to come up with a way to prevent players of all ages from getting injured during game play by an illegal tackle. After a lot of thought and seeing many games where kids got tackled and injured in this manner we came up with the
X Collar.

Even with the horse collar tackle ban in place the horse collar tackle continues to occur during game play. Coaches, teams, or individual players, may strategically decide that a 15 yard penalty is preferable to allowing a team a scoring opportunity. As such, offensive players are still at risk of the horse collar tackle and the injuries that are associated with it.

After many meetings with College, high school, and little league coaches, as well as State football representatives, Referee rules interpreters, and college equipment personnel from the University of Oklahoma. We feel we came up with a design that that suited the needs for such a device without jeopardizing the integrity of the game.

We were invited to present the X Collar to an Equipment Subcommittee at the National Federation of High Schools Annual meeting in Indianapolis. After a through review of the X Collar and deliberation by the members, the Equipment Subcommittee determined that the X Collar Could be worn in High School play.

In summary I am just a huge fan of the game. There is nothing I would rather do than see my kids participate in a sport. Seeing one of your kids injured while participating in a sport is an awful feeling. The X Collar was such a simple and obvious solution to a problem that hurts young athletes around the country



Is the X Collar legal? The X Collar was presented to the National Federation Of State High School Associations in January 2011. The X Collar was presented to an Equipment Subcommittee consisting of members from 15 states. After a thorough review of the product and deliberations by the members, the Equipment Subcommittee determined  that the X Collar product could be worn in High School play.
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